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Kenneth M.R. Warnock
My first impression during my consult with Dr Warnock is that he genuinally cares about each and every one of his patients. I don't think he would have wasted 5 minutes of my time if he didn't seriously think I needed the surgery. Everyone in the office is very helpful and very knowledgeable. The only thing I don't like is that sometimes you have to wait a very long time to see him.rnrnI am now almost 4 years out of my WLS and I still enjoy my checkups and aftercare with Dr Warnock. He is always pleasant even though he's not always been 100% happy with the way I do things. Support Groups are wonderful whenever I am able to attend them. I would still highly recommend him as a surgeon to anyone who is looking into having the WLS.
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Ramblings... and some new pics!

posted 12/11/09 3:12 pm
So I finally got around to posting new pics on the profile here for the first time in over a year.  I think I posted maybe 10 or so.  Leave love hehe...

On another note, yay, I'm in menopause! (HEAVY on the sarcasm!)  I am in early menopause, thanks to my hysto, but the doctor is certain I was in it prior to the hysto so I guess it's not fair to blame it on the surgery.  It's not the most fun thing, but we're getting as much of a grip on it as we can, but not much we can do except let it happen now.

Also, I've been seeing an allergist now as the asthma/allergies have grown increasingly worse.  The suggestion now is the EFMP (Exceptional Family Member Program) and see about a possible relocation to a more humid environment (the dry, dusty environment of Oklahoma is a KILLER and I have had bad asthma/allergies since birth anyways) with the facilities to accomodate my needs.  I need 2-3 allergy shots a week and will be having to travel 55 miles one way to get those (ugh).  They are doing a TON of construction in the area I live in.  The list goes on and on.  Lots of things are factoring in on making it worse instead of better.  My tonsils and adenoids (especially my adenoids) need to come out, but I refuse any more surgeries until I've had at least 6 mos to recover from the hysto. 

On yet another note, the weight is settling back out again (no more gain, about 2-4 lbs loss, at this point) and my self confidence is back where it was and FINALLY I'm doing good with that.  I still have good firm abs for having a baby post-TT (the only way they would be tighter is if I just had the TT again).  I feel good!  I am happy the holidays are here and I love shopping for gifts for all the family and friends! 

Now, if we can just get out of Altus hehehehe..

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