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I have heard a lot of people doing Keto after WLS -

My sister is on Keto and lots almost 100 pounds in about 15 months. she hasn't had any WLS, but we were comparing notes while I was in Vancouver last week.

Any Thoughts on it?

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So chuffed - Made it - to drop 100Lbs was my short term goal... Half my journey.. As i said before I challenge anyone who says this is a easy journey, or cop out...

I feel like a rock star though and all the medical benefits have been awesome

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At least that what it feels like.

I had a VSG on the 6 March and the last few days it feels like when i eat i am swallowing bubbles ( air) at the same time, doesn't matter if it water or food its like there is a bubble that goes down

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So I'm sure we have all tried it before, Poaching an egg in the mocrowave, And i used to get into so much trouble with my wife when the egg explodes in the microwave oven,

She found this on pintrest the other day and it works like a

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Sorry I have taken so long to post – I had my Sleeve done on the 6th of March, and wanted to share my experience.

I was scheduled for 10:30 and was at the Guelph hospital by 8:30. Got weighed in and got my pre op room. Right of th

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And today , more than ever, It feels like I can eat a horse while its galloping. And the stomach cramps ... Staying the course though, I see light at

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