Here is my update.....

Jun 16, 2017

I went away for years and did a recent post about how the boards are "dead" and all the people I used to chat with are nowhere to be found and there are very few posts compared to years ago.  I also went away so I became part of the problem.  For me, I was doing well so dropped out of doing posts and giving updates.  A lot of people post as they have questions and are seeking answers or trying to find people with similar issues.

here is my update............


I had surgery in 2014 and got down to 248.  I put on some weight as I quit eating healthy. I decided a few months ago I wanted to be a lean mean fighting machine so I went back on the bariatric diet and have been excercising 7 days a week.  The weight is coming off at a rapid clip and am down to 238 with a goal of 190. I have developed urinary issues again however a mothh after starting the bariatric diet again and excercising a lot. I thought there must be a connection as I had urinary issues shortly after surgery but there is no connection. I had some testing today (it about killed me) and the urologist said that I have an under active detrusor or neurogenic bladder. It means that the signals in the spinal cord area are not sending good signals to the bladder and thus it is hard to urinate.  There is actually a device that can be implanted to cure the issue as it sends electronic signals to the spinal cord/ bladder.   

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