May 5,2009

May 05, 2009

Okay I am the most NOT patient person in this whole world...I think I am going to go crazy crazy crazy!!!  Gina e mailed me and said the fairview computers were they are sending my referal in today or tomorrow...UGH!  I think that if I am approved that will make me feel loads better...I hope at least, its the whole not knowing that is driving me batty!!!  So now I have to think about when I should call HealthPartners, probably not till next week...and next week is going to suck..I work Sunday night, Monday night, Wednesday night, Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday night..I dont know how I am going to handle that...its only one extra night, but looking at in on paper...well it looks like I am really crazy!! HA HA!!!! Maybe Gina will call me saying that I am approved before I even have a chance to call HealthPartners...would that not just be a hoot!!!! 


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