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Jul 22, 2009

My health has deteriorated so quickly in the last few years I feel if I do not do something, and soon, I will not be here to see my Grandchildren become adults.  In fact, I am still waiting to see my Children become adults!  But that is another story....

I got a Referral from my PCP to see Dr Ray in Bloomington.  I saw him in April, but found all he does is the Lap Band.  After reading more about it I decided that was not the right procedure for me.  If it was I would have certainly had him do the job, he seemed very capable.  I researched awhile longer and spoke to some folks I know had Bariatric Surgery and contacted my PCP to get a referral to see Dr M Inman.  She was highly recommended to me and I can see why.  I met her at the Orientation I attended on 7/10/2009.  I am hoping the Phys Evaluation I had done while still considering Lap Band will suffice for what The Bariatric Center requires.  I know my Insurance will pay for the RNY, but I would prefer the DS.  It sounds ideal for me.  My concern is there is a history of RA in my Family and I will need to be able to take medications and have them be effective if I develop this problem. 

I have always had a slight weight problem, and after my third child was born at age 28 I was very heavy.  I went to TOPS in South Dakota and lost all the "baby " weight and more.  I held that weight down, but it started slowly creeping up, until in 1992 after moving back to Indiana and dealing with the dreaded menopause I gained up to where I am today, and in doing so developed type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Severe Sleep Apnea,  all this within the last 4-5 years.   
I have tried numerous ways to get the weight off, and will succeed for a short time, but I always manage to find it again. 
I am at the point where if I exercise my knees and hips hurt so much that I have to stop.  
God Bless all of you that have had this done and are willing to share your stories.  You give me hope.


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