Medicare and Medicaid pay for revision

Had RNY Gastric Bypass 8 years out now, and I eat with NO restriction feeling enough. I have regained 50 lbs back and am gaining more every month. Will insurance cover revision without obesity health related conditions?    — Tammi H. (posted on April 7, 2015)

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April 7, 2015
To determine Medicare/Medicaid coverage for a revision, it would be best to contact them directly. For them to determine coverage, explain your current health situation that you want to have a revision for. You might ask them for a list of bariatric surgeons in your area that accept Medicare/Medicaid. Once you have a list of bariatric surgeons, make an appointment to consult with the surgeon(s) to discuss the revision and medical necessity conditions that you believe warrant a revision. Best of luck to you!
   — Cathy W.

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