1 year Anniversary Approaching Fast

Christine S.
on 12/12/08 6:30 pm - long island, NY

Our 1 year anniversary is approaching. Does anyone have special plans to celebrate their day? Or are there any goals you wish to reach by that day?

I am not sure how I would like to celebrate yet- perhaps some shopping.  I still buy more stuff for my family then myself and I end up wearing clothes 2 sizes too big.(Especially the undies)

I would like to have reached my initial weight loss goal by my Anniversary. I have 15 more lbs to go. At the snails pace that I am losing at now, I am not sure if that is realistic. I will be happy to be in Onederland as my alternative goal for my anniversary. I am much closer to that.

Hope all is well. Happy Holidays! Stay away from the Sugar Cookies

on 12/12/08 10:30 pm, edited 1/6/09 12:07 am - Daphne, AL
I have about 30-40 more lbs to go before I reach goal, but I don't know that I will make them by my 1st anniversary.  Right now I am in a size 12 and I hope to be in a size 10 by February 09.  I am celebrating my anniversary by going on a cruise with my sister and her two kids.  We leave on Valentines Day.  We are going zip-lining in Cozumel...something I would not have been able to do at my previous size due size/weight restrictions.  I have already purchased all my cruise clothes in size 10 so I HAVE to lose at least 10 lbs for them to fit.  Not worried...I am finally working out and staying on track weight wise (lost that 4lbs I gained over Thanksgiving...it shocked me that I could put back on weight so quickly and easily...a real reality check).  I have lost 100 lbs (depending on the time of day...give or take a lb) and am VERY happy where I am at with my weight loss.  Though I am also now losing at a snail's pace.

God luck to everyone over the Holidays...let's keep losing and not gaining anything!


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on 12/15/08 5:02 am - Portsmouth, NH
My 1 year also coincides with my birthday so I will most likely hit the casino like I do every year. However I think a chunk of my tax refund will also buy me a new wardrobe!!!

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on 1/1/09 1:38 am
I know! It's so exciting! My hubby and I were planning on going to Vegas to celebrate (never been there) but then we needed to buy a new minivan, so maybe we'll just go out and sit in the minivan on the driveway for a while and say "ooh and ah." Just kidding!

We're going to go out to a fancy dinner that night and count our blessings.

I have about 23 pounds left to get to my first goal (a BMI of 25 at 155 pounds). I think I can do it by Feb 22. I'm going to do my best to keep the carbs low and the exercise high until then and see what happens to the scale. December was rough--I think I ate candy every day! Still lost about 10 pounds, so I'm hoping I can make goal soon.

And Christine, get some new undies. See this post I made a couple of weeks ago!

Topic: Pre-ops and newbies:Life is too short to wear baggy undergarments.


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Christine S.
on 1/2/09 3:09 pm - long island, NY

I think I will make your undies statement part of my New Year's resolution. No more saggy undies for me.

on 1/10/09 4:22 pm - NJ
RNY on 02/05/08 with
I haven't really thought about celebrating the day but I may now! I would like to reach goal by then but seeing as I still have 10lbs to go, and I am losing very slowly now, it probably won't happen.

Not that I can complain. I am down 123lbs and in a size 10. I am actually pretty happy where I am at but if I can get to goal I sure want to!

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