Stopped Loosing???

Nancy F.
on 7/9/09 4:31 am - Bartlesville, OK
So, it's been 1 year and 5 months since WL surgery. I have lost 130 lbs and that is great - don't get me wrong....but am I done? I feel way better now - weighing about 150 and wearing a size 10, but keep thinking I'm not where I would like to be and I'm nervous that my old habbits are creeping back in.
Any advise?

on 8/13/09 2:58 am - Teaneck, NJ
I am 18 months out and have lost 120lbs. Now I am freaking out because I gained 2lbs this week (and not my normal fluctuation of 163-165lb) I am 167. I have cut out all carbs and processed foods until I lose at least those 2lbs if not 5. I know exactly where I got too lax, now I have to nip it in the bud. I am too addicted to food to let this slip by. I would have loved to get to 150lbs, but this seems to be where I ended up. My surgery was late Feb. 2008 and I stopped losing about 2 months ago, which is fine as long as I don't gain (which I just did). I think my problem was the old habits creeping back just like you, but I made up my mind to just pay attention to everything that goes in my mouth instead of living my life depriving myself of everything. The only reason I gained was because I wrote down every bite of cake and ice cream and such but I wasn't reviewing my food journal at all and when I gained the 2lbs and went back and looked and the journal I was shocked I was eating so much crap. I now allow myself 150-200 calories a day of "crap" and cut the rest of the carbs and have to stay under 1600 calories a day.
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