Surgery two years ago, I just gained 28 lbs in a couple of months!

on 8/31/11 1:40 am
Did my stomach stretch??
I was so hungry this morning....I never make myself two eggs..
I made myself two eggs and added bacon and made two breakfast sandwhiches!!
It all fit!!  DId my stomach stretch??

I feel so defeated. I never eat that much!

Mona Lyssa

on 9/13/11 2:51 am - Midland, MI

I had surgery right around the same time you did!  I can totally relate to your post.  I don't think you streatched your stomach, our pouches grow over time and what was once 1-2 oz pouch has grown into a 9-12 oz pouch.  So naturally we can fit in more food.

I remember only being able to eat bite fulls and being completely stuffed.  Now, I can eat half of a footlong subway sandwich and eat the other half a few hours later!!  It is scary, but I thin now is the time we have to work HARD at keeping our weight off.  I eat way more than I ever could but have read on here over and over again that it is completely nomal.

We have to remember, just because we CAN eat more now, doesn't mean we should!  I'm right there with you.  I also had the bounceback weight I though wouldn't happen to me.  I got all the way down to 138 and now am back up in the 150's!  And I know it's because my increase in food intake.

Don't feel defeated, just get back on track!  That's what I am trying to do...just know you are not alone!!

Take care,


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/ SW 280 / CW 138 /
GW 140
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on 9/13/11 11:33 pm

I am glad I am not alone.
How do you know that its 9-12oz now?
And its true! I can fit more...I can actually eat the 6 inch subway sandwhich!! YIKES!
I decided to not EAT anymore...I am just eating tiny bits here and there...crackers...with exception of yesterday... :( I went to Cafe Brazil and ate!! GRR

How are you doing it to maintain your weight! Girl! You are 150??? I am 228!!!! I was 310 :(

I want to be 150

Mona Lyssa

on 9/14/11 9:44 pm - Midland, MI

It is just something that I learned from my surgeon, that it grows over time. 

I started out at 304 and got all the way down to 138. I loved being there but over the last year I have started to eat more carbs than I should and drink alcohol now and then which definitely puts on weight.  I want to get back down to 140.  I went from a size 24 pants to a size 4 (some 2's!) and now I am a size 6.

Maintainence is so hard!!  Over my life time, I have lost over 100 lbs four different times doing differnt kinds of diets and each time I would gain the weight back and MORE!  Now, that I've lost the 160, I am scared that I am going to gain back this time too. 

I posted on the RNY board a couple days ago a thread titled '650 lbs lost' if you put that in the search box you can find it.  All three of my kids had surgery in 2010 and together as a family, we have lost over 650 lbs!!  So I'm excited about that and it really gave my kids a chance to live a 'normal' life!  They keep me in line cuz I know I need to be a good example for them.

I wish I was just right out of surgery again where I could only eat a few bites and then be full :-)  I am definitely a person who loves to eat and if the food tastes good I just want to keep eating it even if I am full.  ugh!

Do you exercise?  I find that helps me too.  I did a body sculpting class 4 times a week for about a year and then stopped going for the past 7 months or so but now have just started going again.  and my husband and I started walking about 2-3 miles maybe 3 x a week.  I am hoping that will help me get back down to the 140's.  

Take care,


HW 300
/ SW 280 / CW 138 /
GW 140
Hit Goal 4/2/2010

on 10/28/11 9:17 am

I never lost the total weight I wanted to in the first place.  I went from 304 to 200.  Why am I having such a hard time?  Surgery date March 2009.  Also, what is the pouch test?

I am not happy and so depressed.  While I feel better, Im not happy. 

on 2/6/12 12:49 am
WOW! you lost more than I did and we almost weighed the same.
How is that?
What are you eating now?
I am going to go on diet pills. I am going to take Adipex. I am desperate.
I am 215-220 and cannot bring it down. I do drink alcohol though. Do you really think that is making me gain??

Mona Lyssa

on 2/6/12 12:13 am - Rochester, NY
I am in the same boat.  Surgery was March 2, 2009, and I, too, have gained some weight back.  I've gone from a high of 406, to a surgery day weight of 340, to a low of 238.  I am now up to about 250-255.  I do NOT want to regain back!  I watch what I eat, and I try to go for walks every day.  I am even re-dedicating myself to exercising. I can eat more, like everyone else.  I am trying to avoid breads, except for toast in the morning. I have eaten subs, but am starting to just eat the fillings, and not the bread (I love meatball subs).  I normally have small snacks during the day (1 ounce of nuts, or 1/2 cup of light fruit), and a small dinner.  I have some small snacks (think vegetable crisps) later in the evening, and I am trying to not eat after 8 or 9 pm.
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on 3/13/12 5:45 am
 Hi There:

I am sorry that you feel defeated.  This journey that we are on is a continuing process.  Here is a copy of what I recently posted to the main board and the vsg board:

Here is another tool

Hello OH's:

I am 3 years post-op and have been reading a few posts from others (like myself) who have lost a lot of weight, gained a little and wanted to nip it in is tracks.

I am here to share that a calorie tracking program has been helpful to many (myself included).

I like

There are many like programs out there.  Just find one that is a good fit for you and keep up the good work.

Congratulations to all who are on this journey to good health! 

on 12/6/12 3:20 am

I have gained back 25 lbs from my surgery in 2009.  It made me feel so much better when I read that people can eat.  I kept thinking I was supposed only be able to fit a 1/2 cup of food and be full.  I can fit so much more.  I am struggling again and I don't want to put it back on.  It is something I still have to deal with everyday.  I really thought I was done with the struggles. 

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