Liquid Diet (Pre-OP)

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on 3/15/10 5:23 am - Honolulu, HI
What are you drinking/eating for yours???

I am 8 days in and have been having chicken/beef broth, sugar free jello/pudding, crystal lite and protein shakes and lots of water.
on 3/15/10 9:33 pm - Newark, DE
You and everyone else who had to do two weeks of clears are simply saints. I had a hard enough time with my measley two days prior to my surgery. You're doing a good job, and I pretty much had the same thing you're doing. It just takes alot of strength and will power to resist the urge to cheat.
Good Luck! :)
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on 3/16/10 3:51 am - Honolulu, HI
It is hard, but I'm managing.  Can't say that I dont get the good effects from it, I have lost 8 pounds while on it.  So now I'm down to 191.5  I have 6 more days til surgery.  I dont have the feelings of wanting to cheat as it was hard enough getting past day 2-4 with the headaches and tiredness....I would be lying though to say it wouldnt be great to have something tasty though

Thanks for responding.  How are you doing from your surgery and when did you have yours done i3abydoll?
on 3/16/10 5:43 am - Newark, DE
I had my surgery done yesterday, and honestly the only thing that's really bothering me is the gas they pump you up with. It just feels like a strong indigestion. I've been walking as much as possible around the house, and using my incentive spirometer, and have slowly felt it starting to go away, but I'm told it could take a week. I had my surgery yesterday, surgery at 11am and out the door at 6pm. I had a hernia, so I got a two for one deal when I was operated on. I decided getting a lap band as the best for me, because my husband and I haven't had kids yet. I want to be healthier when the time comes and have the option of not being so restricted at the same time. (if that makes any sense, I'm still loopy from my tylenol with codiene lol) 

Good luck with your surgery! I really tempted myself Sunday by going to my BFF's tea party, and didn't realize how much food there would be. It was so hard.
on 3/16/10 2:17 am - Oklahoma City, OK
I'm doing 14 days of the same, except my shakes aren't protein shakes, but low-calorie HMR shakes. My surgeon also lets us have a bit of fresh fruit as well as some dill pickles. (The pickles are to break up the monotony of the sweetness.)

It's all really not as horrible as I expected. I'm on day 3 and I'm finding out that variety is the key. If I make my shake a different way each time, I enjoy them a lot more. For example, last night I tossed in a handful of frozen peaches and a couple of teaspoons of ff/sf cheesecake pudding into my vanilla shake, and it was so tasty! This morning I added frozen strawberries, ff/sf chocolate pudding and a few drops of  "Chocolate Fudge Brownie" Capella Flavor Drops. (I bought 6 of these to flavor my coffee, but they have turned out to be AMAZING in my shakes.)

I don't know about you, but I definitely prefer the chicken broth over the beef. Have you found out any way to make it more palatable?

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on 3/16/10 3:55 am - Honolulu, HI
I do some protein and some the the gnc mega womens vitamins vanilla flavored(pretty good)

I wish I could have some fresh fruit or even a pickle.  But ours is strictly liquids (full protein liquid diet)  It's not horrible for me either.  The first few days were the worst as I was having major headaches and wanting to sleep all the time.  Yes variety is  a BIG KEY!!!  I never thought about adding sf pudding mix, I am gonna have to try that.  Thanks for that bright idea!!

I prefer the chicken broth 100% over beef.  No I havent found any other way to make it better.  Wish I could!!

Thanks for the tips you put in there, they will come in handy!!  Here's to continued success for all of us!!
on 3/17/10 4:34 am
Thank you for sharing.  I start my HMR drinks on the 22nd.
on 3/16/10 6:16 am - Cleveland, OH
VSG on 12/03/12 with
Hi,  I just started my liquid diet today.  My surgery is on Friday. My doctor said to do a 3day liquid.  I'm  so glad I don't have to do more than 3 days.  I don't know if I would be able to do it without cheating...  My questions is, Can we have milk products? Somebody told me no milk products...

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on 3/16/10 10:23 am - Honolulu, HI
Congrats on your upcoming surgery Maggie.  I wish I only had to do 3 days of liquids, guess every doctor is different.  2 Weeks is long but I'm managing, been doing mine since last Monday.  Not cheating isnt difficult.  I have to admit it is hard at times, especially since I still cook for my husband and 3 kids and all the smells and touching the food makes it hard, but in the long run, it will all pay off.    My nutrionist said I can have milk but it has to be soy or skim.    I strictly go by what I have been told by my surgeon and nutrionist. 

If you're not on before you surgery, I would just like to say, good luck and may you have a fast recovery.

on 3/16/10 4:20 pm - Temecula, CA
I'm five days post-op.  I only had to do 3 days of liquids.  It does prepare you for the after-party.    My surgeon told me to drink at least 80 ounces of fluids the day before surgery.  I wound up drinking over a hundred ounces.  I'm really glad that I did because my surgery was delayed by almost 2 hours and I never got thirsty.  I actually didn't get thirsty until late that night.  I've had several surgeries and usually get thirsty before we even start.  I think the "party" drink on the day before also can dehydrate you so I found this to be good advice.

As far as variety, try the sugar free syrups by DiVinci.  They have carmel, hazelnut, vanilla, raspberry and Kaluhua flavors for about $4 at Walmart.  They are sold on the coffee/tea aisle.  You can add them to pudding, tea, coffee or just about anything you want to change the flavor of.  Also, sugar free Hawaiian Punch is fantastic and comes in several flavors.  It is on the same aisle as Crystal Light but has a much stronger flavor.

Good luck to you!  I'm sure you will do just fine.~mo 


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