How are you all doing?

on 1/19/12 4:23 am
Hi!  I didn't even know that the April 2011 board existed... until today :)

How are you all doing?

I'm doing great!  I am happy with my weightloss progress.  I have met my Dr's goal for me, but hope to get down to 130 or so.  I follow my eating plan, record everything I eat, and try to work out for at least an hour 6 times a week.

My only complications so far, are that blueberries and avocados make me sick now (dumping-like symptoms).  No one is sure why, but that is ok... I'll just avoid them :)

CW: 130ish HW: 264 SW:254 Hgt: 5'2

Goals-Dr:159-MET Mine:140-MET!!! Final Goal: 135-MET!!!!!

W4:-22 W8:-11 W12:-10.5 W16:-12 W20:-11.5 W24:-9.5 W28:-8 W32:-7.5 W36:-8 W40:-7.5 W44:-5 W48: -4.5 1Yr/W52: -7

on 2/15/12 10:34 pm - NC
 Hi! I am really happy with my progress / results so far. Since April 2011, I have lost a total of 106 pounds. At my highest weight, I was  294. My clothes size has changed from 20s or 22s down to a size 12 in pants or L in shirts!!!

The only things that make me feel bad are rice, broccoli and sometimes dairy products. Other than that I feel great!!!
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