GOAL! and now...

on 1/4/11 6:53 am - anchorage, AK
Im pregnant!
Its crazy, im at goal and I cant even party! I got my dating scan on the 17TH. By my calculations Im 6w 4d :) Hope everyone is doing well!

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on 1/4/11 3:08 pm
Congrats girlie!!.. and also you gonna be a MOMMY..
"When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place."   
on 1/5/11 6:52 am
SOOOO happy for you!  Yet my worst nightmare to get pregnant now....I'm glad this is exciting for you...what a blessing for you and your family.

Hugs and kisses...


AT GOAL in 336 days...!
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on 7/20/11 8:37 pm - Morris, IL

Hi Saletia,

How are you and the baby coming along? Is it here yet? I've been off the forum for months and saw your post.

Hope everyone is doing well. Let us know how you're doing.
Good Luck!

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on 1/11/11 3:55 am - Bradford, PA
congratulations Saletia.  Best wishes to you and your baby and family  :-)


I started WL journey on Jan 14, 2009 starting weight @ 342 
Surgery date was July 22, 2009 and started @ 310 and and my goal weight
is 150.00.                   
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