Got Referral

on 5/9/11 6:56 am
 I am so excited!!! I got the referral for plastics. I have my first appointment at the end of the month.  I hope they can get me approved for as much as possible. LOL... But my focus is on my stomach and boobs (they are so sad) . Hubby of course loves me as I am but I just can't see and "difference" with all the left over hanging skin. In fact in a weird way i feel more self conscious than when I was heavy. Does that make any sense at all???  I am not looking to become a runway model but want to be "normal".  I hope that the approval won't be delayed by red tape.  So keep your fingers crossed!!!

on 5/18/11 8:41 am - Bradford, PA
That's wonderful news.  Have you checked up on the Dr. for reviews? 

Yep, makes sense to me.  My skin isn't horrible, but yes, my boobs are pathetic too lol, but I would love to get a tummy tuck, a butt tuck and a boob job, but I think I'll just hang in there.  I feel pretty normal for the most part, so it's all good.

Let us know how it goes.

I started WL journey on Jan 14, 2009 starting weight @ 342 
Surgery date was July 22, 2009 and started @ 310 and and my goal weight
is 150.00.                   
on 6/28/11 5:45 am
 Well talk about roller coaster!!! LOL  First denied until they received pictures . The got a partial denial.  They are trying to say boobs are for cosmetic issue.  I am sending appeal letter this morning and hope to have a response quickly!! I really want to have this done asap since school starts soon. I am going to try and get some funds together as well to cover if they don't cover it!!
on 8/8/11 10:42 pm - Florham Park, NJ
Can you tell me your process?  Were you seeing your general practitioner first about the loose/hanging skin or did you go directly to the plastic surgeon?  Thanks for your help and congratulations!
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