on 7/20/11 8:48 pm - Morris, IL

Where did the time go? How's everyone doing? I've been off the boards for months, maybe I should check back in more often. I miss our posts and friendships.

I'm holding my own at goal weight. I still am surprised when I catch my reflection in a mirror or window. I'm surprised I'm not still some BIG MAMA. It's great and I hope I never go back to the "other side". I can tolerate more sweets now, but I really watch my portion control.

I completed my Associates degree and graduated this May. I'm studying for my credential's test on Aug. 18th., then it's out to the job market in the "real" world. (Registered Health Information Technician)

I miss everyone. How is your summer going so far? Take Care,

If life knocks you down 7 times, get up 8!Laura_Illinois

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