2 Years and counting

on 7/29/11 3:48 am - Whitehouse, TX
 Hard to believe 2 years have gone by!  I have maintatined my weight pretty steady for 6 months now although my body is still changing.  Back issues have resurfaced and makes it pretty difficult to exercise so I don't expect I will see many scale victories until that is resolved.  

I still struggle with body image issues, but have come a very long way.  I told my DD the other day that it would be 3 years before I really knew what I looked like .  I am down from a 26 to a size 8! I do even have one pair of size 6 jeans!  I did measure and I have lot over 12 inches in my waist alone.

My endo Dr. took Diabetic off my chart this year!

What a truely life changing event and journey this has been for me and for my family.  

Blessing to all my fell July'ers!

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