New chapter after 2 years!

on 8/6/11 6:45 pm
 Well i did it!!! Insurance covered the Panni and i paid the difference for the Fluer de Lis Tummy Tuck.  So looking forward to this new chapter of not having this skin hanging around my waist like a weight dragging me down. She took a little more than 6 lbs off .... Still sore and quite a bit swollen nut not disappointed.  Happy Anniversary everyone! We have come a long way baby!!

on 8/8/11 9:46 pm - Florham Park, NJ
Congratulations!!!  I have my first appointment with a plastic surgeon on the 24th. I need alot more than just a tummy tuck unfortunately and I'm sure I'll be paying mostly out of pocket but it'll be worth it, if I can afford it. Congrats!
on 8/11/11 3:10 pm
 I had to pay for half of it myself too 5700 insurance covered panni only
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