Happy Fall! Update

on 10/20/11 1:01 am - Whitehouse, TX
 I looked back at my weight tracker and I've lost almost 15 pounds over the last year.  I still weigh everyday as an accountability to myself.  I still have a 3-5 pound fluctuation which is frustrating but very managable.  Back troubles have killed my exercise this year and I will have back surgery at the end of the year.  I am proud of myself that I have been able to maintain and even loose a little without exercising.  GIves me hope I can still lose the last 10 I want to loose once I get moving again!

NSV - I bought too pair of slacks last weekend and my failing eyesite (over 40 and too vain to wear reading glasses  LOL!! you know who you are) and picked up an 8 AND A 6.  The 6 fit!  I have never in my life worn a 6 in my life or ever dreamed it would happen.  Before surgery, I hoped to be a 12!

I STILL have body image issues, but it has gotten lots better.  I know it is a process.  Being plus size for 20+ years...you don't get past that over night.  

I have a pretty normal existance.  Still no soda or alcohol and limited sugar.  I don't eat much pasta, bread or rice.  I may taste 'naughty' stuff, but have done a good job of limits, but other than some small limitation, I pretty much eat what I want.  Like everyone, I have a bad day from time to time where I have some chips or too many snack items, but I forgive myself and try to choose better next time.  I try to make sure I quickly identify triggers and things I can't have around the house.  It is funny, I can avoid a food for weeks and then suddenly I can stay out of it...then I know, can't buy that food for a while : D

Things I think have helped me:  I still have a protein shake almost every day to keep my protein up.  I think this has helped keep me heathy.  Eat a small apple daily and have found some food treats that help (pumpkin pie with splenda, skinny cow icecream sandwhickes).  Stay prepared - I try to have something to eat available where ever I am - at the office, while I travel or while I shop - it helps.  Tuna has become a fairly regular lunch for me.  My family has been so supportive.  We eat lots of chicken, fish and pork and not much beef - it doen't agree with me.  

And i still have a small voice in my head saying eat slow, chew chew chew and stick to the basics!

I feel so blessed!!!!

on 1/16/12 10:59 pm - OH
You go girl!
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