Internal Hernia's - very common and no joke

on 3/1/12 11:55 pm - Bradford, PA

Well, a year later and my RNY Dr finally decided to do a laproscopy (sp?) and yep, he found an internal hernia and repaired it.  I'm literally typing from my hospital bed now.   It doesn't sound as though it had gotten to the twisted intestine stage yet, thank goodness.   I could almost kick myself for not being more insistent or trying to poo-poo my pains away to menopause.  I think if I would have just shut up about "oh, it isn't so bad" and let the Dr. do what he needed to do, I would have had this taken care of so much longer ago.  Can't believe I put up with this for over a year.  Hopefully, it won't happen again and yep, the only way he was able to be sure that something was wrong was by doing surgery to see if something needed repair.  Guess I need to stick to my day job and stop trying to self diagnose myself.   It just didn't make sense to me that the pain wasn't continual, so I most definitely poo-poo'd it away and figured I just needed to "tough it out".  From what I understand and have read, having an internal hernia could cause death.   

Don'**** get yourself checked out by your RNY Dr.  Also, the thing with these hernias post RNY is that the symptoms are not always the same for everyone.  I have found that similiar situations are the doubling over and/or pain meds not helping at all and that it seems to be triggered by eating food and it even would happen when I would eat something which has always historically agreed with me which is why I felt that it wasn't my RNY.  Ugh.   hoping to go home today.  I feel pretty good, all in all.

I started WL journey on Jan 14, 2009 starting weight @ 342 
Surgery date was July 22, 2009 and started @ 310 and and my goal weight
is 150.00.                   
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