Checking in...(PICS!!)

Lauren D.
on 4/6/12 7:26 am - Lorain, OH
 Hi everyone! I am doing so well and hope all of you are, too!!! I am enjoying life! This was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I am able to do yoga. I am able to walk into any store and shop. I am able to blush when guys check me out. It's an amazing feeling, and I tell anyone on the fence.....DO IT FOR YOURSELF. I don't think they will regret it.  I did EVERYTHING my doctor and nutritionist told me, and I am down 110+ lbs. Maintainence is HARD, isn't it?? Oh my Lord. I just remember where I came from... and the GOOD LORD knows I don't want to be back there!! ~ LAUREN ~


JULY 2009                                                          APRIL 2012


       I count protein, fluid ounces, and my blessings everyday. 

on 4/6/12 1:55 pm - Capital Region, NY
You LOOK marvelous! 

and while our "looks" have changed...
              and that is a wonderful thing... being able to SHOP anywhere...

It really is ABOUT...


Keep up the good work!

on 6/15/12 6:41 am
 Looking GREAT!!! Keep it up!
AT GOAL in 336 days...!
SW / CW / GW
299 /174.5/ 175
6' tall - size 10


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