My nine year update

on 8/30/10 1:29 am
Well, I have to say, it doesn't seem like nine long years have passed since I had my RNY.  Time really flies doesn't it?  I know most of you who are reading this will want to see photos but when you're this far out, photos don't have the appeal they did at the beginning of the journey.  I don't even know if anyone even reads these updates anymore.  No one ever replies if they do anyway.
As far as this past year, my health is still not the best.  I have chest pain on a continual basis.  I had a total hysterectomy and hernia repair in February.  The hernias were due to all the surgeries (including RNY) that I have had over the last nine years.  Now I'm going through 'surgical menopause' and the hot flashes are absolutely horrendous.  I have tried estrogen patches and estrogen spray but both make my chest pain worse. 
My blood sugars are always 'off the chart' and will go haywire with too much sugar or fats without fail.  But I do know now WHEN to stop eating them.  Somehow I've gotten 'in tune' with my system and know ahead of time when to stop eating something that will cause me to hurt later on.  That is about the only good news I have actually.
My exercising is mostly non-existent now.  I do exercise on my mini trampoline or do jazzercize to my old VHS tape I bought after surgery when I get the urge though.  But now my body can't tolerate as much exercise as it used to.  I can only exercise to about three songs instead of 3/4 of the tape.
My weight can go as high as 190 but I keep it between 175 and 180 all the time.  I know that is a 25 pound gain in the last 9 years but compared to most people this far out, that's not too bad from what I've read from people's posts on here. 
I don't know if my chest pains and other pain and blood problems are from my surgery or if they would have happened if I hadn't gone through it.  I sure wish I didn't have these problems though.  I'd give anything to have my health back.  When you have your health, you have everything.  Money, possessions and things of this material world don't really matter. 

I have one more year left to post on my profile.  I will stop posting at the ten year mark.  But I wanted to stop in and keep anyone updated that might read this and wonder what happens to people this far out from surgery.

I pray your journey is healthy and happy!


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on 9/18/10 12:57 am - Portland, OR
 Hello. My journey was so successful for the first 6 years, but now I have gained alot of weight.  Glad you are doing well.Does feel like no one notices us after this many years. Just wanted you to know I am reading.
Lana Danaher
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