I had my surgery in 2003

on 8/17/13 6:53 pm - Wrightwood, CA

I had my surgery in 2003...........did you have your surgery? I would love to hear from others that had surgery in 2003 and how they are doing? Did they have complications? Did they loose? Gain? How are they doing now?

I really want to know how people are doing........not much information on people who had surgery that long ago. I am curious to see how others turned out....and if anyone had plastic surgery and if they did......when.......and how they did. I have yet to have any. Plus I am i California....and I want to have plastic surgery and want to know if anyone recommends anyone.

Does anyone regret the surgery. I don't. I have had MANY MANY complications and constantly am having trouble in and out of hospital. But it was the best decision I did. I still have to take vitamins and my blood work is always coming back low and constantly increasing. My stomach is still small and I have trouble eating.

Please share about yourself.....I gained but lost. But that is because i went through small depression and STOP exercising and ate what ever. Until I finally caught myself. I worked so hard....why give up now.

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