OMG - it's so good to find you all - plastic board?

Sandra A.
on 1/19/05 8:32 am - Duluth, GA
I haven't spent much time on the boards before. On a lark, I tried this board and low and behold, people like me!!! I read some of the most recent posts and it sounds like our new age (17 mo post-op) puts us all into the same category, a) problems with eating control and b) plastic surgery. I too am having a lot of problems controlling the eating again. So many bad pre-wls habits are resurfacing and I'm really struggling to control them and currently losing control, not weight. Going to an OHC seminar in ATL last week really helped rejuvinate me, but I've been considering seeing a therapist again. It's not about the eating, it's what's causing me to do the behavior. I'm also scheduled for my PS on 1/28 (thighs, wings & (.)(.)) followed by a LBL/TT as soon as I can after that. I thought I saw someone mention a PS surgery board. Where can I find such a board? I'd love to hear more of what to expect. I only have 8 days left before going under the knife again. Thanks, Sandra
on 5/16/05 4:26 am - wonder lake, IL
we are glad you found us too!!!!!!!!!!!! i am almost 2 years post op myself and i think this is the hardest part of the entire thing. good luck on your journey let me know how everything goes. i had abdominalplasy in january 2005, i didnt get anything else done YET, not sureif i will still thinking on that one
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