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jersey girl
on 4/30/05 11:10 am - MONMOUTH COUNTY, NJ
RNY on 08/11/03 with
I am now 11 weeks post LBL, and happily recovered very nicely. I was surprised that the surgery was not very painful at all, much less than WLS. I just had discomfort mostly caused by being in bed and the fact that I had to stay on my back for so much. In fact the most pain was the drains. The best news is that I no longer have the loose skin, and my tummy is flat! And the fact that I am now down another 18 lbs following is wonderful. One week ago, I had a bilateral brachioplasty/BA. Again recovery has been uneventful, and although bothersome, much better than I anticipated. I am just amazed by my new body, and very happy. Feel free to email for any questions. JG 284/132 below goal LBL 2/10/05 BA/arms 4/22/05
on 8/28/05 3:52 am - Greenwood, IN
can you tell me how long it was before you could stand up straight. I had a tummy tuck with lipo Thursday and it is nearly impossible to stand up straight.
jersey girl
on 8/29/05 5:57 am - MONMOUTH COUNTY, NJ
RNY on 08/11/03 with
Tina, The first week is the worst. I was bent over and was only abt half way upright. Each week gets better, and by the third wk I was almost standing upright. At 4 weeks I would start the day upright and then by afternoon, I would be leaning forward a few inches; a short rest in bed brought me upright again. I would expct that you may actually stand up earlier than I since you had a TT rather than the LBL, however, since the work on the abs is the same, it may take you awhile.
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