How are you all doing two and a half years later?

Marisa A.
on 4/12/10 1:01 pm
I had VSG in September of 2007, I went from 235 to 156, and almost achieved my goal weight. 10 months post op I became pregnant with my beautiful little girl. After I had her in March 2009, I dropped a lot of weight fairly quickly and have put a lot of it on since. I´m now around 180.

I was wondering how any of you deal with setbacks.

Thanks for any comments you might have.
      Highest weight 235           Lowest Weight 156   Post-Partum Weight 194
                          Gorgeous baby girl born somewhere in the middle!
Sariah F.
on 8/2/10 3:28 am - Goose Creek, SC
 I had RNY in Sept 2007 and lost 140 ish pounds. In April of 2009 I gave birth to twin boys, I did great during my pregnancy with them and 2 weeks post partem I was 186lb.  Then we had a surprise pregnancy and baby boy #4 joined us in May of this year.  I am now up to 236lbs and feel like a failure.  With 4 boys under the age of 4 I can't get out much, my husband is in Guam and I just want to crawl in a hole.  

I need motivation but I can't seem to find it anywhere.


on 9/2/10 2:33 am
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