Problems with plumbing and no I do not need a plumber!

on 11/9/12 7:05 am

Ok, hopefully men won't read this , but I need to ask.... I am 10 weeks post opp and Aunt Flo has not visited once????? Has anyone else gone through this,, also think I am dating myself with the Aunt Flo reference. LOL



Sheryl G.
on 11/11/12 5:40 am - IL
VSG on 09/17/12

Mine has been out of whack since surgery too. I see a lot of people refer to it as TOM (time of month). It seems I've seen more posts about TOM coming more often than less often. Our hormones are completely out of whack right now, so I think this is to be expected.

If you change nothing, nothing will change.      

on 11/11/12 6:27 am

Thanks, I have never heard of TOM before.. LOL makes sense... Yes, not that I am complaining, but found it odd, but I guess  uncle TOM will return one day.

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