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on 9/15/08 5:46 am
Wow. Time flies. I can't believe it has been almost a year. So, where am I you may wonder? Well, from my highest, I have lost 120 pounds. From my surgery day, I have lost 108 pounds. Unbelievable.  I am approaching a size 10.  I can cross my legs like a lady. I can wear (most) knee high boots, I can run, and play, tuck my shirts in, give myself a pedicure, look in the mirror and not hate what I see, actually, I am kind of liking my reflection these days. Yes, that is superficial, but who doesn't want to like what they see? What I am finding at this point, is that I am able to tolerate food more than I thought I would be able to. So this is something I have to begin considering. Am I consuming too much? Sometimes I worry that I am. I have become a bit comfortable, which is not good. I am not by any means eating things I shouldn't. But at times, without thinking I will take more than I need. Need to stay on my toes, and continue to pay attention to every thing I put in my mouth. I also am begining to wonder if I will ever reach my goal? I see others at a year out who have reached goal. Why haven't I? How about the rest of you? Where are you? What are your triumphs? Struggles? Thanks for reading and sharing :)
on 9/15/08 12:46 pm - Olympia, WA

Yeah, you're so right - I can't believe it's been almost a year for me, too.  I'll hit 11 months on Sept 26th.  I've lost 159 since my highest weight and 124 since my surgery date.  I am so happy with how great I feel, it's hard to believe still sometimes.  I got to do things this spring and summer that I always wanted to do, but couldn't handle it physically.  I got to go halibut fishing for the first time (and went a few more times) with my sister and brother-in-law in their boat and could reel in my own line!!  I went crabbing with them and pulled up ALL the crab pots all day long because I was so excited that I could do it that I didn't want them to help me at all.  They didn't mind - it's hard work - but I made them pick up the crabs, I kept grabbing them too close to the pinchers!  I've gone on a couple really long walks with hills and rocks to climb over and everything and did it without getting out of breath.  I went out to three wildland fires with my interagency team this summer and could work the 16 hour days, get some sleep and keep going without being totally exhausted.  At two fires, our sleeping area was about two blocks down the road.  I made the treks quite often during the day to go to my camper to make a protein shake or grab something to eat, just to get the walk in.  I felt so proud that I could do it.  Just last year I was one of the group of people who couldn't walk that far and had to drive from our "offices" to the camping area and got all hot and out of breath just trekking back and forth to take a shower - even when it was at 5 AM when the sun wasn't up and most mornings were lower than 60degrees!  Not this year!  It felt so AWESOME!!!!!  And since last year was my first year on this team, lots of them didn't even recognize me this year - they thought they got another new ordering manager on their team.  I had to be re-introduced at our first team meeting at the first fire because so many people were asking my boss who I was.

And the same as you - I can cross my legs, tuck in my shirts, paint my own toenails (heck, just being able to SEE them now is so exciting).   I'm still monitoring my protein, veggies and fluid intake and doing well with that.  Nut had to tell me to up my carbs and fats because I kept losing past where they want me.  But I gained back a few pounds and have been holding steady there for a couple weeks now.  I have noticed that I, too, have to stay on my toes because a few times I've taken "just one more bite" of something that was yummy (juicy steak or yummy broccoli are my two biggest one more bite foods), only to find that "one more bite" was one bite too many. 
I'm in a size 6 jeans, medium to large tops  (depending on the cut and store) and bought myself two new winter coats in medium yesterday.  Also a few sweaters - I realized it was getting colder at night and I didn't have any winter clothing at all that fit anymore!!  Most days I'm happy with how I look (in clothes!!), but I still have some days like today where I just feel fat.  My DH caught me staring in the mirror and not looking happy.  He asked what was wrong and I told him I just felt and looked so fat today.  He reassured me that I don't - heck for some reason, my body's shifted this last week and now my size 6's are starting to be a little baggy.  But in my eyes, it looked fat today.  I know the image thing takes awhile to get pounded into the brain, so I'll deal with it.  I guess all women, no matter what size they are get that "I feel fat today" feeling once in a while.  All in all, I'd do this again in a heartbeat and am thrilled with my new much more active life!

Okay, I've rattled on long enough - let's hear some more from everyone!!!

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on 9/15/08 10:19 pm
Wow, you have really accomplished a lot in the past 11 months! Good for you. It is amazing isn't it? I still have a ways to go. Guess I am a 'slow' loser. I struggle with that a little b/c I see results like yours, and it makes me wonder why I haven't lost more. BUT, that being said, I am 108 pounds lighter than I was this time last year. It's incredible and I am so thankful/grateful for that.
Continued success and happiness to you :)
andrea K.
on 9/16/08 5:30 am - near Huntsville, AL
Fantastic job. We're kinna right there together and it makes me feel good to see that Im doing it right! Great job girl!

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on 9/16/08 5:44 am
Thanks for responding! I've been looking out for your 11 month post b/c we are right there with one another! Glad to see we still are losing together too! Your doing great also.
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