How is everyone doing?

on 9/27/11 1:48 pm - Midwest City, OK
Well we are quickly approaching six years.  The first 5 were great but I have lost some control this year.  I have gained weight and now need to lose at least 30lbs.  Not a happy camper.  As I was going over my vitamin intake and other nutritional items I realized that I had gone way off track.  It is no wonder I am tired most of the time.  So today I am offically returning from the Dark Side...LOL
on 10/10/11 3:42 pm - STATEN ISLAND, NY
 I'm also dealing with Regain.  I had a baby and bad habits 4 yrs later up 60lbs.  
but kidlet is in pre-school now.  So i am going to the gym and treating it like a job.

I also just finished up a round of IV Iron infusions back in april/may.  So TAKE YOUR VITAMINS!

Regain is one of those things that feels shameful.
Nicki F.
on 11/8/11 2:13 am - Philadelphia, NY
I too regained about 50 lbs after my initial loss, and then lost 24 lbs.  I'm back down to 204.  I wasn't taking my vitamins the way that I needed to.  I did discover I was getting just about everything I needed for vitamins from food though.  I was only deficient in Vitamin D and Calcium (because if you aren't getting in the Vit D, you cannot metabolize the calcium).  Once I started taking a supplement for that - I was right as rain for energy.

Now, it's time to get back on track with portion sizes, caloric intake, and exercise.  My goal is to get down by 10 lbs by my WLS anniversary date of 12/13.  I'd like to get down by 30 lbs by April of next year.  I know ... lofty goals!


Scott William
on 7/24/12 11:38 am
Same story. Got to a slim low of 237 and went right back to 245 which was fine with me. For the next 5 years I was between 250 and 265 which I was also okay with. The last 18 stressful months have been tough and I'm up to 275 which is not fine. I feel like a slug and my running has suffered. I would sign up for 260 even though 245 feels really good.

Link to my running journal

4 full's - 14 halves - 2 goofy's and one Mt. Washington!
Kathryn B.
on 8/14/12 9:42 pm - Midwest City, OK
So i am not the only one who has been on the roller coaster.  I am looking forward to the next few months and year number 7 this is gonna be my year.
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