Bald headed men

Miss Mary
on 5/12/08 1:12 am - Huntsville, AL

If a man is bald on top he's a sexy man. If a man is bald in back, he's a thinking man If he's bald all over he's thinking he's sexy Have a wonderful day today. Love, Miss Mary


on 5/12/08 12:27 pm - Belmont, MS
I love it!!! I am married to one SEXY man!!!!

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Randall Culpepper
on 5/12/08 12:42 pm - Guntersville, AL
I guess I'm a 1/2 way sexy THINKING man!   NOT!!  I'm thinning on top and have a bald spot.  HAHAHAHAHHA  Thanks!  I gotta kick outta this one!  Love ya Aunt Mary
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