Onederland...high fives all around!

on 5/11/08 11:51 pm - Daphne, AL
After the scales hovering closely for almost a week I FINALLY broke the 200 mark.  Over the weekend the scales were fluctuating between 199-201 and this morning it went straight to 198.  What a way to break a stall! Sandi




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on 5/11/08 11:59 pm
That is absolutely, positively EXCITING!!! I'm so happy for you!!

on 5/12/08 12:36 am - Tuscumbia,, AL
That so GREAT!!!! Wonderful WOW moment.Thanks for sharing that moment with me. I can't wait to have those moments also. My surgery will be may 21st.
Carmen G.
on 5/12/08 1:01 am - Lincoln, AL
on 5/12/08 1:29 am - Chickasaw, AL
Woo Hoo!!  Welcome to Onederland Sandi!!  That is great, you're doing a GREAT job!!! Thanks for sharing your good news!!! 

Christ's peace,  

Connie aka Teal Rose


Stacy Martin
on 5/12/08 1:34 am - Montgomery, AL
S. M.
on 5/12/08 1:46 am - In The Country, AL
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~ Susan 
Dakota Mom
on 5/12/08 2:20 am, edited 5/12/08 2:21 am - Montgomery, AL


Lisa S.
on 5/12/08 6:10 am - AL
Randall Culpepper
on 5/12/08 12:45 pm - Guntersville, AL
CONGRATULATIONS SANDY!  WAY TO GO!    It's a great feeling isn't it?   WOO HOO!!
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