Battle Hymn-Beautiful & well worth the time!

Lisa Gotro
on 5/13/08 2:22 am, edited 5/13/08 2:33 am - Fosters, AL
Battle Hymn   REMEMBER .... THIS IS A HIGH SCHOOL!  After the page first opens, and after you read it, just click your mouse on any area of it to make it open.    Turn up your music and ENJOY!!
Jan M.
on 5/13/08 3:21 am - Notfarfrombham, AL
Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing!   Jan
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Carmen G.
on 5/13/08 4:04 am - Lincoln, AL
How beautiful.  Our military is the reason we have our freedom in this wonderful country.  I appreciate each and every person involved in the military, the soldiers and their families.  Thanks so much for posting this. 
(deactivated member)
on 5/13/08 3:32 am
I LOVED IT!!!! I believe in this great country and I'll support our military even when its not popular.

Cajun Angel
on 5/13/08 4:06 am - New Orleans, LA
Lisa, that was so beautiful it gave me chills!  Thanks for sharing. Debbie
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