Kevin's flowers and my roses

on 5/14/08 10:16 am - Huntsville, AL
Kevin is ALWAYS doing something sweet for me.  From buying me vitamins and protein bars to sending me 2 dozen roses to work last week.  He cooks me dinner on the nights he doesn't take me out to dinner.  He has given me cards that will bring tears to your eyes.  He rubs my feet when they're tired.  He has held me down and tickled me tell I begged him to stop!  He opens doors for me and holds my hand every place we go.  He tells me daily how beautiful I am.  When I leave his apartment, he walks me to my car to make sure I get into my car safely.  He tells me to call or text him when I get home so he knows I make it home safely.  Every morning at 5:30 he sends me a text message telling me good morning because he knows thats when I get up for work.  I wanted to do something special for him to let him know how much he means to me.  So yesterday, I sent him flowers at work so the guys could tease him about it, haha.  So what does that stinker do?  He turns around and sends me a dozen of the most beautiful, red roses you've ever seen to my job today!  He made me cry!  I was soooo NOT expecting that.  He had hinted that he was gonna do something and I told hin he better not.  But since when do men listen to anything we have to say right?  LOL  Now he's bought me something else and says he will give it to me tomorrow night and he won't give me a single hint.  Anybody want to hold him down while I spank his butt?  LOL  When yall talk to him, ask him about the Cheetos and chocolate milk, lol.

"Life is too short not to be happy."

on 5/14/08 10:25 am - Hazel Green, AL
You guys are too freakin' cute!
on 5/14/08 1:38 pm - Nappy Valley , AL
he sounds amazing. congrats to both of you guys for finding a love connection
Sure id wonderful to have someone , man or woman , who always has us in their heart and does wonderful heartfelt things for us isnt it ? So happy for you Vicky. I know you both are thrilled to have love in your life again. Hugs  Shirley
happy girl
on 5/14/08 8:58 pm - Pensacola, FL
 Do we need to start planning a 2nd wedding?  Maybe a Christmas wedding???


Vickie G.
on 5/14/08 9:30 pm - AL
           Happy 4 u 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(deactivated member)
on 5/14/08 11:35 pm
I love it!!!!

Stacy Martin
on 5/15/08 12:32 am - Montgomery, AL
He is so sweet.  I hope he continues to do all this after the wedding.  Im sure you will not let him go.
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