Hello Everyone.......How ya 'a doin'?

Elle Felts
on 5/31/11 4:52 am - TUSCALOOSA, AL
Just a note to say hello on this beautiful and sunny Tuesday.  My oh my, it's a glorious day.  Spending time with my awesome, handsome lil fella today. We will be spending LOTS of time together this summer.  We went to the water park, got some good Vit. D sunshine and had a nice picnic lunch.  We had fresh peaches, whole wheat, turkey and provolone cheese sandwiches, carrots and juice.  I have to say, we really did have a great time.  It's time to rest now, so I just took a moment to check in today. Hope everyone is doing well.  Have a blessed day.

(deactivated member)
on 5/31/11 5:13 am - Midland City, AL
 How am I doing?  Well, let me see.  HMMM I am doing pretty good for a person 10 years post-op VBG.  Now let me get my camera out of my pocketbook
Elle Felts
on 6/6/11 4:05 am - TUSCALOOSA, AL
Woman, you jes ain't rite...... Brang that camera n pocketbook on UP ta Tuscaloosee an see meeeeeee.
Louise A.
on 5/31/11 6:10 am - Anniston, AL
Well I just have to pipe in and say that I am doing just wonderful.  I have been to PT and now just sitting on duff watching some TV.  Bobby is with the boys at the pool.  I had a small hamburger from McDonalds with less than 1 slice of the bun.   I need to be out getting some of that Vit D myself as mine was way low and now taking those Vit D capsules.   
As Gwen said this RNY person is doing wonderful after 8 years.  You know I see so many that has put weight back on and some has gained all they ever lost.  If they would just go back to the basic's and start over they can do  it again.   Instead of following the rules they want to blame the doctor or just moan and groan.  I have even been told "I was not told this or that" .    We all were told the same thing some of us just did not want to listen.   These size 6 feel wonderful. 
Elle Felts
on 6/6/11 4:09 am - TUSCALOOSA, AL

oooooooooo guh....me sz 6's feelin' right nice as well.  Slidin' off my rear already....if only i'z have sumpin' to hold 'em up......LOL Now, if I could just squeeze these boobages into sz 6's I'd be jus fine.  ROFL

Elle Felts
on 6/6/11 4:11 am - TUSCALOOSA, AL

ain't we just the three stooges?  You 8 yrs, me 9 yrs. and Gwen 10 yrs.  Yep, we the three stooges alright....still hangin' in there together, on day at a time.

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