Help with revision request please

on 12/29/13 2:04 pm - Pell City, AL



I am a failed band pt. I am interested in how to challenge for a revision. If I have read several things correct there are chances for a revision. I have asked around and some advise that I need to start with a doctor visit as well with contacting an attorney. With that said I do plan a visit very soon. I am in the process of printing all the documentation that I can find on petitioning and challenging a revision. Also, is there an attorney in the Birmingham area that handles insurance stuff?


I have reviewed the insurance documents that are available and it appears that they would cover a sleeve. 


I am willing to provide more information if needed. Please let me know. 


Thanks very much. 

on 5/14/16 2:05 am

I am not sure you need an attorney.  I would try on my own to be approved first, then get an attorney if there is an appeal.  First step, see a surgeon who does revisions for advice.  Good Luck.



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