13 years and counting

Jennifer K.
on 8/8/19 7:58 am - Charlotte, NC

In June I hit my 13 year surgery anniversary and didnt get around to posting until now :-)

I am doing great... I have kept up with my vits/supps and still get annual bloodwork. Over the past year + I have really started to focus on my diet and exercise and took up biking. I ride 7 days a week, sometimes twice a day and mix in yoga and weights as well as moved to a vegetable heavy diet still making sure I get my protein. I am in the best shape of my life and feel amazing. I am down to 135lbs from the 145lbs I was for many years and have seen a lot of positive changes in my body since focusing diet and exercise.

I hope everybody is doing well on their journeys!


First visit to surgeon - 288 ~ bmi 45.1 
2 week pre-op 252 ~ bmi 39.5
Total lost - 143   Since surgery - 107! 
Goal weight - 155
Current weight - 145 ~ bmi 22.7
Holding steady at 145 since Feb 2008! 

Extended TT, lipo, fat injections - 11/2011

BA/BL/Arm Lift - 7/2014

Scar revision on arms - 3/2015

HALO laser on arms/neck 9/2016


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