Clothes ideas during weight loss

on 11/26/12 3:10 am - San Jose, CA
RNY on 10/29/12

I am just four weeks post op and have lost 28lbs so far. My clothes still fit but are feeling loose. I'm on a tight budget and I don't want to buy too much while I'm still losing and my sizes will continue to change.  so I'm looking  for ideas of how to get clothes, mainly pants (jeans, slacks etc) during the this weight loss journey. Are there web sites that do clothes exchange or donations from other weight loss patients? Also can you suggest inexpensive places to get clothes?

on 11/26/12 1:11 pm - CA
VSG on 03/14/12

Goodwill, thriftshops, places like that.  Keep an eye on craigslist - do many different searches.  I needed new business clothes when I hit size 12 - and totally lucked out by picking up 4 bags of professional clothing for $25 on there.  You just need to keep checking.  Ebay is ok - but make sure you are watching the shipping charges.  Some people will list an item for $0.01 but then tack on $9 to $29 for shipping.  

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Linda B.
on 12/1/12 1:15 pm - CO
VSG on 09/13/12

I've also been shopping at thrift stores. Some have 1/2 price days or like Goodwill, a tag color of the week that is 1/2 price. It has been quite helpful. Yard sales might work too. Oh, since we itemize deductions, I've donated the items I've shrunk out of as well. Heck, I might just keep shopping at thrift stores even after I hit goal. I could spend less on clothes leaving more money for fun things.

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Kimberlee M.
on 12/15/12 2:18 pm - Alameda, CA

Always a good question.  I couldn't have done it without a local consignment store that carried predominately plus size clothes.  I also didn't buy a lot; just what would get me through a week's worth of clothes.  Consignment stores always seem to have jeans and black pants so after I was done with a size, I took the pants back to consign and used store credit to get the next lower size. 

You really won't need to buy new until you are at or very close to goal.  Really no need to buy expensive clothes that you might only fit in for a month or two.  Save the Retail Therapy for goal. =)

I live in the SF Bay Area and a place I used (and still visit from time-to-time) is called "All the More to Love" located in Alameda.  Search the internet, including Yelp, for consignment stores near you.


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on 2/13/13 1:12 am - Long Beach, CA
VSG on 06/04/13

I havent done surgery yet, but I plan to Goodwill shop as I lose weight

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