Revision from RNY to DS?

on 5/8/11 9:35 am - Shore Area, NJ
I have my RNY 4 years ago. I weighed 350 when i had my surgery. I lost 170lbs. i have gained back almost 70lbs, my question is does insurance pay for DS revision i am in NJ, does anyone know of a good doctor? any help would be appreciated I have a 2 year old son now and want to be active and healthy for him and myself/
Thank you
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on 5/8/11 10:14 am
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My insurance excluded WLS even though there were documented mechanical problems and worsening comorbidities. All insurances are different, so you'll need to check with yours.

Be sure and do your research. You want an experienced revision surgeon.

Good luck.
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on 5/8/11 12:52 pm
I had a revision from RNY to DS. You may want to take some time and read this: e-considering-a-revision-from-RNY-to-DS-you-should/

Dr. Greenbaum in Willingboro, NJ might be a good choice for you providing he has begun doing revision again. I believe he may only be doing revisions on RNYers whos pouch is transected from the major part of the stomach rather than just stapled across. His experience indicates that the transected pouch configuration has a smaller percentage of gastric leak, a very potential complication with RNY revisions.

My insurance company, Aetna, did approve and pay for the revision. Best thing for you to do is to read what your plan offers. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


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Shavonne P.
on 5/9/11 5:37 am

It depends on the insurance company.  I am going for RNY to DS revision 6/7 with Dr Roslin in NYC.

Elizabeth N.
on 5/9/11 9:04 am - Burlington County, NJ
Every insurance policy is different. You'll have to find out what yours covers. First surgeon to contact would be Dr. David Greenbaum at Lourdes Willingboro. He will not revise you to DS if you have a non-transected stomach pouch. In other words, if your stomach was only stapled and not cut to make the pouch, you're out of luck with him. Contact his office at 609-877-1737 for more information.

Next suggestion would be Dr. Roslin in NY.
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