Found solution to strong greek yogurt aftertaste

Valerie G.
on 3/7/13 2:49 am - Northwest Mountains, GA

I've become accustomed to greek yogurt, and its aftertaste, but its strong to many.  I had some leftover whipped cream that I'd made over the weekend and added my yogurt to it, and OMG -- sooooo good.  It nearly eliminated the aftertaste.

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next to the mashed potatoes

on 3/7/13 2:51 am - Sammamish, WA

Oh that sounds lovely .. like homemade whipped cream or canned whipped cream? Sugar in it too? Or artificial?

So many questions... I don't have an issue with the greek yogurt but figured I'd ask anyway :)

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Valerie G.
on 3/7/13 2:57 am - Northwest Mountains, GA

I whip my own - adding just a little bit of sugar and vanilla.  I don't like it too sweet and artificial sweeteners usually are.

DS 2005

There is room on this earth for all of God's creatures..
next to the mashed potatoes

on 3/7/13 4:23 am

I've been using heavy cream in my yogurt for as long as I've had the DS.

I have a hard time finding full fat greek yogurt and so one day decided to add the cream to bring up the fat count. It worked like a charm.

So you don't have to whip it unless you want to.

It does taste fantastic.

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on 3/7/13 5:46 am
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I'll have to give that a try. 

I put my greek yogurt into my morning protein drink, along with my coffee.  If only I could get my vitamins in there also.....

on 3/7/13 7:08 am - AL

That is so weird that you have that.  I've never had an aftertaste but I load it up with SF jelly and splenda.  I sure like Fage full fat but I can't find it.  My local Publix gets Queso Blanco as a special request so it is time to request Full Fat Fage too!!

Glad your whipped cream worked!



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