Probiotic and nausea

on 4/9/13 5:20 am - CA

Hi,  just started taking a probiotic last week, can't remember the brand.  I've been having trouble keeping solid foods with alot of fat (bacon, other fried stuff) down since Friday.  I get really nauseous and sometimes end up throwing up.


Is this normal at the beginning of taking a probiotic or something I need to discuss with Dr. K at my appointment tomorrow?


P.S.  I can keep liquids, i.e., protein shakes, down with no problem.

on 4/9/13 9:09 am - Sammamish, WA

I'm not certain it's your probiotic. I'd discontinue the use of it and see if things improve. If not, then it's def. not it. 

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P. Poster
on 4/9/13 9:19 am

Its normal for probiotic to cause some Gi issue, but thats usually on the other end- with bloating, gas and loose stools until the bacteria regulates.  That only lasts a few days.  Vomiting is NOT a normal side effect.  I would discontinue the probiotic and see what happens though- it could always be a filler or something that isnt agreeing with you.

A. C
on 4/9/13 12:18 pm

I would speak with Dr K about it.  He needs to know everything you are going through!

on 4/10/13 2:18 am - CA

Well.  My bloodwork seems ok, but the hernia has GOT TO GO, soon.  That's where the nausea is coming from.  NOT happy.

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