Hernia surgery

on 4/25/13 1:30 am - CA
Went well. So excited, I have my belly button back! I don't look 6 months pregnant anymore!

PLUS Dr. K did my surgery, so happy about that!

Still have some pain but I expected that. And still too soon to try wearing jeans but I really want to know what size I am. Sadly Im still in the binder until my May 8 appointment. blah.

Thanks everyone for all the support!
on 4/25/13 1:56 am
DS on 05/14/13

Your so lucky, I cant wait for my day!   Im glad it went well for you.  I feel just like you do as far as jean size goes.....lol

I cant wait to see what that final jean size is....lol

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on 4/25/13 10:34 am - Omaha, NE
DS on 01/16/13 with
Glad all went well.

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on 4/25/13 1:50 pm - CA
ok. Had a full blown panic attack tonight while put with friends (I didn't have anything but tea). is this anywhere near normal? been years since i had one and I've been taking all my drugs as prescribed.

any insight?
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