I have a date!

on 10/1/13 6:40 pm
Well I have a date for my revision! October 30. I have to be in California on the 28 for my first appointment. Wow scary and exciting. I still can't believe I was just going to take any old surgery even though the dr said I wouldn't loose any weight! Duh
on 10/1/13 6:44 pm - CA
Revision on 09/10/13 with
Congrats to you luv, you've got my prayers and well wishes!!!

RNY to DS revision 9-10-13 Dr. Ara Keshishian   

on 10/1/13 6:55 pm
Thanks I appreciate the prayers I know I surely need them.
on 10/1/13 7:00 pm - VA

Congratulations!!!   : )


5'1" -- HW 195/SW 187/GW 115 July 08/CW 121 Dec 2012

Starting BMI between 35 and 40ish? 
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DS on Aug 9, 2007 with Dr. Hazem Elariny

on 10/1/13 10:34 pm
DS on 04/17/13



SW-340, CW-164, GW-150, 14 pounds to go...


Amy, Daredevil

on 10/2/13 12:51 am - Los Angeles, CA
DS on 08/06/13 with

Congrats!! Who's your surgeon?

*DS with Dr. Ara Keshishian on 08/06/13* SW: 231 CW: 131 GW: 119 * Check out My YouTube Channel: AmysDSJourney *


on 10/2/13 1:06 am
Dr. Keshishian. I'm going to Huntington hospital because CIGNA requires a Center of excellence.
on 10/2/13 11:51 am
Congrats. I wish you all the best.
on 10/2/13 1:36 pm
DS on 12/19/12 with

You are in very good hands.  I think he is the best surgeon.  But then I might be biased...


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