Vitamin D Injection

on 11/4/13 7:20 am - CA

My last round of bloodwork showed my vitamin D 25-OH level is at 4 ng/ml, which is apparently severely deficient.  I will be driving to Glendale next week for an injection.


Has anyone ever had this done?  How long before I notice any benefit?  Will this help with the horrid tiredness I feel all the time?



on 11/4/13 5:56 pm - VA

There a few folk that have gotten them. Once you get that level up, will you be able to maintain with supplementing or is your body just not absorbing even dry D3? 

Good luck!


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on 11/4/13 11:16 pm
DS on 12/04/12

I recently had a round of Vitamin D injection and iron infusion. For me the scale finally start moving again after both. Low vitamin d can slow down your weight-loss. I believe my vitamin d has always been low which has caused slow weight loss over the years before having weight-loss surgery. With this surgery we now have to pay attention to our vitamin levels.


on 11/5/13 3:03 am - CA

Ah!  Dr. K mentioned that the vitamin D may be what's caused my stall for the last several months.  It seemed like a stretch so I didn't put much stock in it at the time but hmmm....maybe.

on 11/4/13 11:38 pm - CA

I've had problems with it for years before my surgery, but it's really tanked since.  I burn very easily so I stay out of the sun as much as possible so I'm sure that's part of the problem...

on 11/5/13 12:09 am
DS on 04/17/13

I do the injections and though I have not had labs yet I feel fine. =)


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on 11/6/13 11:26 pm - Stockton, CA

My daughter turned me on to this post as I don't come by very often anymore. I had a D injection in January by Dr. K back in January '13. My D was not as low as some. It was at 30 almost constantly once even going down to 19, still not so low. I was feeling tired (but that is a lot part of the fibromyalgia symptoms I have) and since I do have fibromyalgia I was advised to get my D up maybe to 80 or even 100. So my D came up to 50 at last draw in September. My primary doc just reordered another D draw to see where it is. If it is still 50 or lower, I plan to order a vitamin D injectable from the compounding pharmacy near me and have my primary doc inject it into me. It is $85 whi*****ludes the $10 shipping fee. I just found out that my insurance will not reimburse me though. When I had the D injected by Dr. K I was not charged the $75 actual fee. I don't understand why yet. I do take 100,000 IU daily of the D3-50 to hopefully keep my D up. 

Good luck to you and anyone else with low D. I just never expected to have so many vitamin issues with the DS. Wishful thinking I guess.



 All the best to all of you.


on 11/7/13 1:53 am - CA



I've been wondering if one injection will do the trick..Only one doctor here in town does them and he's not my primary, so I have to drive to Dr. K's office in Glendale. An all day journey for a shot. Yeek!


I've been exhausted for months.  I wake up counting the hours until I can go out to my car on my lunch break and take a nap.  Very frustrated with the lack of energy.  I'm very much hoping this will help with that.  


Thanks for the info!

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