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on 9/8/23 6:53 pm

So, I had a talk with a nutritionist today. She told me to go low fat because when fat is not absorbed it takes nutrients along with it, as a part of the malabsorption (she tried saying that protein was one of those nutrients but hello- protein and fat are completely different and absorbed differently).

Is there any truth whatsoever to malabsorbed fat sucking up other nutrients and carrying them away? I can only eat meat that has a significant amount of fat in it or I can't get it down, and I'm running protein deficient.

This nutritionist told me I was doing everything wrong, then told me to stop losing weight so quickly. I'm 9 years out from surgery.

on 9/10/23 2:27 am
WLS on 07/15/22

Good morning!

That's a new one to me, at least in phrasing. I've been told that you don't get the chance to absorb the fat soluble ADEK vitamins when the fat shoots through your system too quickly and causes diarrhea, so that could be one interpretation if it's part of your current experience. Not so much that the fat attaches to nutrients, just that everything flushes with it.

My clinic advised low fat just for the purpose of preventing the super quick movement, so to speak.

If you're losing weight quickly at 9 years out, is it purposeful or could something else be going on? I get the concern but that's some interesting feedback from the nutritionist. What are you eating?


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on 9/21/23 7:01 pm

Ok, I see what you're saying. That makes a bit of sense. I have to eat fat with my protein or else I can't get it down. I tend to eat a lot of ground beef, since that's what my body tolerates well (and I don't mind burgers). I'm not trying to lose weight right now but I stopped weighing myself a couple of years ago. I realized that it didn't matter if the number was up or down, it made me compulsive about food (if it was up, I felt I couldn't eat, which made me HAVE TO eat. If the number was down, I wanted to keep the weight off, so I felt I couldn't eat- same thing). A few months back everyone started commenting and my pants were loose, so I stepped on a scale and I'd lost 25 pounds. I did contact my doctor and she's run a bunch of tests, which have all come back good, even though my weight is still dropping. Idk- maybe I just plateaued for 7 years or so??????

on 9/10/23 8:17 pm

Nutritionists are a complete waste of time for wls. They have no meaningful experience but offer loads of advice anyway. You will know far more than any nutritionist and many doctors based on your first-hand experience over the next year or two. Doctors who don't specialize in wls surgery (e.g your PCP) also know very little about your specific needs.

on 9/21/23 6:31 pm

Completely agree. And this is Kaiser, which is a shame based program. If they don't tell you you're doing it wrong, they don't get paid or something.

on 9/11/23 12:11 pm

Guess what...your NUT is right and wrong. Here's the deal, yes you malabsorb nutrients with the DS. That's how we lose and maintain our weight loss and that's why we take/need 4 or 5 times more vites/supplements than a 'normal' person needs. One balances out the other. Low fat is not for DSers.

Eat your protein. Eat MORE protein. That's what you need. Do whatever you need to do to get out of deficiency.

Best guess, if you are getting your supplement advice from this same person I would bet you are not taking enough.

on 9/21/23 7:05 pm

I'm working on my protein. I had my labs done a couple weeks ago and my protein was lower than it's ever been, so I really needed to step up my game. I'm getting over 100 grams a day, every day.

on 11/13/23 11:07 pm

I've never heard of fat taking away other nutrients. Protein and fat are absorbed differently. Try leaner protein sources if you're low on protein. Talk to a dietitian for personalized advice.

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on 2/15/24 10:18 pm

suggest eating normal fat intake, don't drink the stuff, but don't go low fat. When DSers consume drastic high fats the potential for enteric hyperoxaluria is pretty high. Unless you have 24 hr urine for stones as part of your yearly lab work.. those who don't won't know till they get stones or kidney disease

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