What a LIFE!

Jeannie A.
on 7/24/11 9:00 am - Stockbridge, GA
WOW! I can not hardly beleive it, but YES it is TRUE. In just 3 days I will be 5 years post opp. I'm so much happier than I was 5 years ago. This has been a WONDERFUL JOURNEY and I would not change anything at all. I was truly blesses 5 years ago when my WONDERFUL surgeron DR. BRYON FREEMAN preformed my GASTRIC BYPASS. I am today 180 to 185 pounds and I'm able to do a lot of different things that I was unable to do really not so long ago. So I want to say if you follow your DOCTORS orders it can be done. Remember we have been given a WONDERFUL TOOL so use it WELL.
Jeannie Armstrong   
OH Support Group Leader
RNY 07/27/06 
sw358/ cw 175/ qw 175 to 160

I have been blessed with God's Help!

For those in GEORGIA come and join us at PEDMONT HENRY MEDICAL CENTER in the EDUCATIONAL BUILDING in Foundation Board room the 4th TUESDAY of each month at 6:30pm.

on 7/26/11 1:51 am


on 7/28/11 11:10 am
Congratulations on your success.
14.5 lost pre-surgery  5'1 1/2"                                      LW-Apple-Gold-Small.jpg image by PlicketyCat
on 9/20/11 5:15 am - GA
GO JEANNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                     ATL STAND UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                      SEIZE THE MOMENT!!  LIGHTS , CAMERA , ACTION
                                                     125 TOTAL LOST

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