Hello, new here

on 2/14/19 8:24 am

Hi! My name is Amanda. I am currently in the bariatric program and hoping to be ready around the end of June/July. So far my plan is to have the VSG. My doctor requires an upper scope to make sure I'm a candidate and don't require a RNY. He looks for Barrett's esophagus prior to a VSG. Part of the program is to join a bariatric support group. They prefer to attend the in person one at the hospital. Unfortunately, it is offered once a week and doesn't work with my work/life schedule. But they said an online one is acceptable. So here I am. I quit Facebook over 4 years ago, and have no other social media accounts, so I'm a little rusty at this type stuff. So just saying "hi" and getting my feet wet. I thought I'd start out here in the Indiana forum first.

Thanks for reading!

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