Wednesday Rollcall

on 1/17/06 7:03 pm - Indianapolis, IN
Wake up sleepy heads!!! It's time to start your day!!! Take your vitamins and eat your breakfast...get that metabolism going bright and early!! Happy loosing everyone
Linda Kay
on 1/17/06 7:11 pm - Mooresville, IN
I swallow 1 to 2 vitamins while reading every post... Don't know how I would take them all if my puter ever went down.. I break my multi and my clatrate in half so thats 4 swallows, 1 geletin, 1 B-1, 1 Biotin, 1 vit c, and 1 synthroid. ( Im hypo). Then I add an antibiotic for my ear infection and today with will be a musinex for the drainage... cept it is going back from clear to yellow again... sigh... Breakfast I get from the Bagel place at the Ameriplex. A bacon, egg and chedder crosaunt... I peal off the crosaunt around the edges just keeping enough to seperate me from the bacon and egg..Besides it is sooo light and flavorful!! and a full MUG of tangerine tea, or mandarian orange tea.. I change each day.. Linda
on 1/17/06 7:24 pm - Indianapolis, IN
Hope your ear gets better soon How's the babies doing?
on 1/17/06 7:27 pm - New Whiteland, IN
Ok! OK! I am up! It is cold and snowy out.....a great day to go back to ...but I will get my fanny in gear and get a move on! I truly dread the drive into the seems any trpe of precipitation and the drivers down here are scary! That is the really nice thing about having my surgery in February......when it is gloomy out I can look outside and stay in all warm and cozy! You all have a Super Day!! (((((((((Hugs)))))))))))))) Marianne
on 1/17/06 8:23 pm - Camby, IN
Good Morning sexy! How are you this morning? Well I go home MONDAY!!! At 11:30! I am so excited! Wow the 3rd is creeping up on us, huh? Are you getting at all nervous or just WAY MORE EXCITED? I was just WAY too stoked! I can't wait to see you on Sat and have some laughs! Oh and get some clothes. Something I so desperately NEED! I got to work this morning and had an email that I had a package at the front desk! Go and get it and it's a dozen of roses! They are so beautiful. They were delivered yesterday after I left. Hubby said I was having a rough morning yesterday...ok I didn't think I was, but I'll take the roses! later! Have a good one! -Courtney
on 1/17/06 10:34 pm - New Whiteland, IN
Courtney, you have the most wonderful husband!! Enjoy your roses! I am sure they can't compare with the beautiful glow you have! I can't wait to see the more skinny you!! I am looking forward to seeing everone Saturday. Lucky you starting to work from home on Monday! I am so happy for you......I am really excited about my surgery on the 3rd but I have so much to do that I keep busy and the time really flys. I am taking the 2nd off to rest and get prepared as we will have to leave home about 4:30 am to be there by 6 for my surgery at 8:30....good thing is I will still be half I was really suprised when I weighed in yesterday that I was only up about a pound and a half.....not bad for saying my goodbyes to all my favorite foods that I will not be having after surgery. did you see they finally got my picture on here....I feel so special!! Have a wonderful day all! Marianne
on 1/17/06 9:16 pm - Indianapolis, IN
i am sure with ya on the going back to bed..i went to bed at 11 i could not even watch any news...and i saw 1230 and about every 15 mins i saw the time again...ed was so bad kept waking me up...till 230 i was so pissed off i went to the couch....then as i got dosed off the darn dog barks like he sees something...i threw a candle at him...I was not happy with him either....ed had his first real food and 2 hours after he ate, he did not feel good...well make everyone miserable..i said get up and walk...LMAO...i may throw a candle at him if he distrubs me tonight...LMAO and i have to work he is in bed....i may go throw one at him just to make me feel better.....LMAO....
on 1/17/06 9:27 pm - KOKOMO, IN
Poor Ed. You know us men cannot bear to be in pain or misery all by ourselves. If it was not for Ann I probably would never make it. Of course she spoils me with her helpfulness and of course ole Dan enjoys every minute of it. Things will get better for both of you. Dan
on 1/18/06 7:20 am - Indianapolis, IN
lol ....i am gonna give him something you can bet on that...LMAO...naw, i can not stand a whimpy man. and not whimpy but one with a bad attitude, i always look on the bright side and hunt for a bright side, but at times he really hunts for gloom...makes me crazy
on 1/18/06 3:45 am - Indianapolis, IN
peeing my pants here picturing you gathering up all the candles in your house and piling them up by the couch for a good nights sleep tonight
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