on 3/28/16 3:12 pm - Springvale, ME

In March 2008, I had lap band surgery with Dr Cobean. I lost roughly 40 pounds way back, but am now heavier than I ever was pre surgery. I'm very interested in a revision to gastric bypass, but don't know how to approach this with my doctor. I feel nervous that because I failed with the band I would be turned away. Any ideas, input, advice... I'd greatly appreciate it. 

I am also curious if it would be possible to go through SMMC as it is closer to me.

Thank you. 



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on 10/20/16 10:19 am - Sanford, ME

Hey there. I've considered a revision to the sleeve. Not sure if my insurance would even cover it!!!

good luck

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on 1/4/18 7:51 am - Center Lovell, ME

Hi Jewlz,

We followed each other back in 2008!

You are the consumer here, they are the providers, their product failed you. You have the right to a revision if you want it.

Good luck, stay strong, advocate for YOU!


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