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Hello, My name is Andrew and I am finding myself here in search of help for my sister.  She is fighting with a bad case of edema and has ran out of health insurance.  Right now she is well over 500lbs and is feeling utterly helpless.  She is being told she needs this surgery or it will end her life.  I don't know where to go or who to talk to.  I hate sitting here and watching her feel so full of pain.  Both physically and mentally.  Is she really out of options because of her insurance situation or are they programs that would be willing to help her?  Is this even the place I'd go to find it?  I don't know.  Maybe someone out there can help me help her. 


Thank you for reading. 

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I don't know the particulars of your sisters insurance situation, so I'm not much help there... but I do believe your Sister is in need of weight loss surgery.  At 500 lbs, the stress put on her body due to excess weight puts her life at risk.  This is why it's called morbidly obese.  At our highest weights we often feel helpless, depressed and like we have no options.  It's pretty common.  Deciding to have surgery is difficult and there are a lot of questions that come with it...

We have a local support group I'd like to invite you and your sister to.  We meet every Saturday at 8:30 am alternating between Panera bread at the Burnsville mall, and Eagan Byerly's Caribou.  This weeks meeting (oct 5th) will be at the Burnsville Panera bread location.  We are a very informal group of Minnesotans who have all had weight loss surgery.  People considering surgery often come to ask questions, find out more about the different types of surgery available and to find out what life is like post op.  We have a few members who started at a similar weight as your sister and have now lost around 250lbs!  

We also have a private facebook page I can connect you and your sister to.  Not everyone is able to attend the Saturday meetings (especially if you live outside the metro) so the facebook group keeps us connected and able to communicate!  If you're interested in joining the Facebook page, friend request me... Jen Davidson Halverson, and I'll connect you!  The facebook page is private so nothing posted on there will ever show up on your personal page.

On a personal note... If insurance won't pay for her surgery... she does have self pay options.  I had sleeve surgery with Alberto Aceves in Mexicali, Mexico for about 8750.  There are actually 5 members of our local group that have used Aceves for gastric sleeve or DS surgeries and are all very happy with the outcome.  

Good luck to you and your sister.  

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Ditto what Jen said! 

This surgery saved my life, and I think your sister would find it to save hers too.  That said, it's a huge change, and something she has to embrace herself.  I encourage both of you to join us at coffee, or at least on the FB page.  It's a very accepting, supportive group.

I am afraid I don't know much about the insurance situation, since I had full coverage through my work.  But the self-pay option in Mexico is possible, and so many (including Jen) have been terrifically successful with it. 

Good luck to you and your sister--please feel free to ask any questions!

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