Hey, remember me?

Darla S.
on 4/28/14 2:57 am - Maple Grove, MN

I haven't been on here in a shameful amount of time...  But yesterday was my 7 year 'surgiversary', and I've been reflecting on so much that has changed in my life since receiving the gift of WLS.

As I shared in the last post from January 2013, I have since been divorced.  We were able to do the whole thing surprisingly amicably, and our relationship as NON-spouses is better than it's been in many years.  Maybe a lot of that is because I can just say 'goodbye' when our conversations turn unpleasant.  But the 'kids' (17 & 21) seem to have taken it pretty well, and overall it's been a blessing to be released from such an unhappy, toxic relationship. 

Yes, I've gained about 10 pounds throughout the whole ordeal, but I'm not terribly concerned.  The winter also sucked, and I hear a lot of people saying they've put on a few simply because it was too blasted COLD this year to get outside and be active!  I KNOW that's been the case with me, in addition to some stress eating.  But I also know I can - and WILL - take it off now that the dust has pretty much settled. 

Through the whole process, I decided to sell the house.  It ended up being a short sale, but whatever - I really didn't want the responsibility of being a homeowner at this stage.  I am renting a 3 bd 2.5 ba townhome just a few miles from where I used to live, and really enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a caretaker to call whenever something goes wonky.  Sure, I have to put up with things not being just how I might like them to be (crappy paint job, leaky faucets, a weak dishwasher, yada yada yada...)  But, it's all fine for the time being.  My son moved with me - we've been incredibly good 'roommates' ever since his dad moved out of the house last year.  My daughter moved back in with us in February - she had been living with her bf for 9 months, but wasn't getting anywhere with her life.  I think things are finally starting to click with her, she's starting to realize she has to put effort into her life to get any benefit out of it.  But I'll say no more about that for fear of jinxing anything!

I'm still working the hobby job, enjoying and very grateful for it.  Oh sure, it cuts into what COULD be 'down time', but it pays opposite weeks of my full-time job, and I really like having $ coming in every week.  Besides, if any of the old farts I sell lottery tickets to ever wins big, I'll have me a sugar daddy for sure!!

As for 'down time'?  WTH is that???  My life has become extremely busy! In addition to working about 55-60 hours/week, I have been dating - enjoying the hell out of it, but frustrated at the same time.  Seems like when it rains, it pours - I find myself with more than I'm comfortable with!  It's insanely flattering and encouraging, while at the same time very confusing.  There are two men in particular that I've been getting to know over the past couple of months.  Both seem sincerely interested in me.  They are very different men, and I find myself annoyingly attracted to both of them.  I never, in my entire life, could have envisioned myself in this position, but I feel like I need to choose.  Which feels unbelievably arrogant.  And I don't even know how to make such a choice, much less how to end things with one of them.  It's both exciting, and devastating.  Me?  Possibly hurt someone??  I'm so much more familiar being on the receiving end of hurt, it's been deeply ingrained in me over the course of my life.

I guess it's a good problem to have.  WLS made it possible.

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Edi P.
on 5/29/14 11:14 am - Zellwood, FL

Yes, I remember you.  💛 

I've been struggling with regain and thought it would make sense to go back to basics.  I was checking out the Florida Forum and luckily stumbled upon a support group.  I just missed their monthly meeting, but have it on my calendar for next month.  I thought I'd see what was happening on the MN Forum.  Pretty quiet.  It was hopping back in the day!!  

So happy I ran into you.  I still admire you, and hope when I grow up, I'm just like you.  💋💋

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Darla S.
on 5/29/14 1:34 pm - Maple Grove, MN

That's pretty sweet, Edi     And I always want to be like YOU when I grow up!!!  You're so beautiful and fun...  and living in Florida... 

It really is quite sad how dead it is in here.  Back in 'our day', it seemed there would be at LEAST a dozen new threads started every single day, maybe more like 20+, and so many replies to each one!  *sigh*


Love you, gonna come see you and meet all your friends at Gatorland some day!!!


  Imperfect does not = unsuccessful

on 7/1/14 4:28 am - Eagan, MN

Hi Darla, I don't think we ever met, but I know we communicated on here some.  I know that the South of the River coffee group has pretty much taken all discussion to Facebook.  We have a private Facebook group, and it is just easier to communicate on their.  If you'd like to be added to the group, PM me your email address, and I can add you. 

Our SOTR group is still very active and busy.  We still meet for coffee every Saturday (altho summer attendance has been down), plus some weeknight dinners, walks, runs, bike rides, camping trips, road trips, etc.  If you ever get a chance, you are welcome to join us!  This Saturday, July 5th, is at the Caribou Coffee in the Byerly's in Eagan Town Center at 8:30am.  I won't be there, but I know that others will be. 

Yelena K.
on 7/29/14 3:43 pm - Plymouth, MN

Yeah, you seem kind of familiar... you're the loud one, right?  Love you and you are my role model in so many ways. 

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