5 years out and suddenly gaining weight

on 2/24/15 10:12 pm - Brooten, MN

I never had any follow up or a support group after my surgery 5 years ago.  I started out at 225# and got down to 165# but gained 5-10 # back and stayed at 170-175 until about 6 months ago.  At that time I also was involved in serious stress and depression I think associated with the stress.  Anyway, after my surgery, my surgeon moved out of state after only a few check ups I was basically left on my own.  I was happy to get my weight down by myself but had hoped to get about 30# more off.  Anyway, I need help - I weighed in at 190 yesterday.  My husband sat and ate only terrible food and because he was seriously ill I sat beside him and ate the same crap and no exercise.  I know what I need to do but I need help and don't know where else to start.  I went out yesterday and bought alot of fruit and vegetables, I have protein shakes but what else should I start out eating.  I will start serious exercising as well but I was at doctor yesterday for a hip issue so until that is worked out, which I now think is related to arthritis and weight gain.  I am on anti inflammatory so I figure only a week or so and I should be good to go.  I do have a treadmill - AKA Clothes hanger that I can use.  I will try using that today but not sure how the hip might react so if bad, I will have to stop that until it really is safe.  OK back to HELP?

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I feel your pain. I hope this will help you. This is a hand book that I found that helped me with some of my concerns. You need to type in just as I put it on here, Dart Mouth Hitch**** Medical Center Gastric Bypass Surgery Nutrition Handbook. I found it very helpful. Maybe the refresher of starting over from the beginning will help. Obviously some of the portions will be different but you will get the idea again. Also, I am by NO means a doctor, but you might want to check out your meds for any side affects about weight gain and talk with your doctor if there are any other options. I hope this will help some. Good luck to you. YOU CAN DO THIS !!!!

on 3/16/15 1:06 am - Eagan, MN

Hey, how is it going?  I just saw this post, and I totally understand.  I have been on an upward trajectory myself, and I am working to reverse the trend.  Which surgery did you have?

How is your hip?  I am concerned that your doctor put you on an antiinflammatory.  With some types of bariatric surgery, those are an absolute no-no--very bad for your pouch.  I know for RnY you are absolutely NOT supposed to take antiinflammatories, which has been an issue for me with my arthritis, but I went into it with full knowledge, so I just deal. 

Exercise is key, so hopefully you are putting your treadmill to good use.  It is helpful to have one.  Now that the weather is nice, I have been glad to go outside again, too.

You are welcome to come to our Saturday morning support group South of the River.  I don't know where you are located.  We meet in Eagan and Burnsville on alternate Saturdays.  PM me if you are interested.

on 3/16/15 1:33 am - Brooten, MN

Thank you for your reply.  I had Gastric Bypass.  My hip, as it turns out, is from arthritis, I was given high dose Naprosin which is an anti-inflammatory.  So what do you do for your arthritis?  I can't just deal with the hip.  I have had it for years in my hands primarily and I too just use a rub and deal with it but I have actually thrown my hip out a few times so I am sure that is why it has moved there.  I am going to see doctor soon so I will ask about other help, if available as it was an Urgent Care - VA doctor that gave me the Naprosin.  I just got a treadmill and spring is finally here so I will definitely get on that.  I would love to come to your group but I am am Central MN so that is too far for me unfortunately.  I also have a husband who is not well so I don't like to travel too far.  He is actually coming home today.  He broke his neck on top of everything else so .... anyway that is another stresser that only adds I guess to not getting enough exercise and eating wrong.  Thanks for the message though.. It is nice to even just talk about it.  It puts it on a front burner and gives me a push as well as hope that I can do it!

on 3/16/15 1:45 am - Eagan, MN

Did you tell the Urgent Care doc about your bariatric surgery?  If you had RnY, you should absolutely NOT take Naproxen, and your initial surgeon should have told you that before your bariatric surgery.  You should not take any NSAIDS, literally for the rest of your life, because you are at high risk of stomach ulcers from NSAIDS, like Naproxen.  I take Tylenol only.  It's a bummer, but it's a direct consequence of the surgery.

Anyway, end of lecture.  :-)  I hate it when somebody else tells me things like that, it just scares me that you are unaware of that issue.

I'm sorry you are having to deal with so much--that makes it so easy to overeat and hard to get out and exercise!  I find that my joints feel much better if I am moving regularly.  The more I sit the stiffer I get, so it is better to get out and exercise, even if it means my muscles are sore.  Today I am sore because I went out and ran yesterday and rode my bike.  But it was just so glorious outside.  I use ice on my knees after every workout as my antiinflammatory.  Ice is such a blessing!  Hard to put on a hip, but it can be done.

Are you on Facebook?  You are welcome to join our FB support group--it is a secret group, so your other FB friends won't see anything you discuss in there.  That's a concern for some people.  I can add you if you let me know your FB name--I will send you a friend request first, and then add you to the group.  We are mostly based in the Twin Cities, but we do have members from all over.  It's a great group of very supportive people. 


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I would like to be added to the facebook page Valerie Roberton (Wilson)

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First - lecture all you want.  That is why I am asking for help.  My doctor quit practice and moved out of state after my 3 month check up.  The team he worked with moved to another practice but my insurance would not cover it.  I read up on all  I could online but many mixed answers.  So I did the best I could on my own.  I did really good until like I said a few months ago.  For 5 years I was totally on track staying the same weight.  I never did lose what I assumed I would lose as much as I should but again, I am sure it was that I didn't do exactly what I should have done.  The main reason for the surgery was too get healthy.  That happened until now.  Then dealing with an ill spouse I was not able to get out like I could or shoulrld.  Even doing it at home.  I would go do something and if he didn't see me for 10 minutes he was a hollering for me.  Well I went on a 3 week vacation to my daughter's and turned it into 6 weeks.  While I was gone my husband had a fall and broke four tows and his neck.  Well when I got home, it was worse than ever with doctors and home care.  He was in the VA nursing home first for a month and then for 6 weeks this time.  I realized this time while he was in that it was a severe depression that set me on this path I am now on and there are a lot of changes in our home that are to be worked on for ME now.  I have the support of the VA to help my husband so that I can work on ME.  First step is too join your group.  Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for the invite.  If I ever come to the cities I will absolutely come and visit the group.  One day at a time at this point.  My Facebook is NanaReade.

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