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Darla S.
on 4/9/19 12:56 pm - Maple Grove, MN

Hey all - me again. It's been a very long time - again. But life happens! That's why we did this, right??

On 4/15/19, my precious daughter will be having the VGS at Methodist. I'm so excited for her!!! And yet sad, because THIS group, which was one of my primary sources of support post-op, is all but dormant. I wish I knew how to kick it back into a thriving, active group! She has an almost 3 year old son, and her bf works second shift, so getting to the PNC support group meetings will be a challenge as she has no babysitter available - besides yours truly. And at least to start out, she really wants me to go there with her until she feels more comfortable (she didn't get her shy gene from me!).

Anyway, I'm coming up on my 12 year surgiversary, and still thankful every. single. day. My highest (that I know of) was 377. I'm currently 190. At 5'11", I'll take it! I hovered around 225 for a decade, but was in a very bad car accident back at the beginning of November. Had a long list of injuries including 11 broken bones (ribs, hand, collarbone, vertebrae), brain bleed, ruptured spleen, on and on.... when I was released from the hospital, part of my pain management included 600mg of ibuprofen every 6 hours. I was too messed up to question their Rx, although I KNEW I shouldn't have ibuprofen, so I only took it every 12 hours - alternating with acetaminophen. 10 days after I was discharged, i was re-admitted with significant bleeding ulcers. One was 8cm! In my little RNY pouch, that's a lot of real estate! It has messed with my ability to eat even minimally, which I'm learning to manage. But I did drop almost 40 pounds - was down to 188 at my lowest after the accident. (Do you have ANY IDEA how SURREAL it was getting lectured by the hospital dietitian for having lost too much weight? Hell, I took at as a small silver lining to an otherwise horrible situation - FINALLY BROKE THROUGH TO ONEDERLAND!!! )

I've since been admitted 2 more times, because of the bleeding ulcers. It's f'n miserable, I'm not kidding. DO NOT TAKE IBUPROFEN!!! Even if it feels like acetaminophen won't touch your pain, you do NOT want bleeding ulcers - just trust me on that.

Anyway, anyone *****ads this, HI! Send up prayers and good thoughts for my daughter if you're so inclined - I so want her to succeed with her tool! God bless you all, and by all means - LETS GET THIS PAGE MOVING AGAIN!


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Yelena K.
on 4/24/19 10:50 am - Plymouth, MN

Thanks for the update Darla!

2019: 11 years out and maintaining a loss of 150lbs.

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